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Repair + Maintenance

Roofs endure much wear and tear from natural aging and exposure to the elements. Repair and maintenance programs begin with a detailed, multi-point inspection to uncover deficiencies. Our roofing exerts look for:

  • Open seams

  • Splits or blisters

  • Missing tiles or shingles

  • Clogged drains

  • Structural weakness (e.g., rot)

In addition to the roof, Beachfront also inspects gutters and downspouts, roof flashing, skylights and roof venting. Once an assessment is complete, the team creates and executes a customized, proactive plan. We make sure that all repair and maintenance procedures comply with manufacturers' warranties. Well-detailed records provide the documentation needed to update insurance policies or provide evidence for claims. 

Our sister company, Beachfront Roofing, offers roof repair, maintenance and replacement programs to residents throughout Florida. Services are designed to increase the safety and life expectancy of our clients' structures.

Beachfront specializes in installation of asphalt shingle, clay tile, and metal roofing systems. Roofing materials are selected according to a client's climate, style of home, complexity of roof structure, neighborhood and, of course, budget. All roofing systems offer years of weather protection — against precipitation, humidity, wind and heat.


Our replacement process begins with removal of all roofing material, including damaged flashing and edging. The roof is then evaluated for necessary repairs. Once repairs are completed, a new roof is installed. Flashing and edging are also restored, along with any vents. Throughout the process, our roofing team makes certain to protect our client's home, landscaping and property from falling debris/damage. A comprehensive clean-up is conducted at the end of every installation.
Of all major home improvements, roofing projects are arguably the most important.  With Beachfront's product knowledge and repair and installation experience, we help our clients to increase the value of their investments while avoiding expensive emergencies.


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